Behind the Scenes with Afternoon Tea at Corinthia Hotel, London.

The Corinthia Hotel is one of London’s most prestigious hotels offering a decadent afternoon tea in elegant surrounds. A popular dining  experience at the Corinthia Hotel, we were delighted to find out a little bit more about their Head Chef,  Loïc Carbonnet, and who and what inspired him on his career in fine dining. 

Getting ready for afternoon tea at Corinthia Hotel, London.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where did your culinary passion come from and how did you get into the trade?

42 years old, father of 2 girls, love cooking savoury on my spare time, and a good glass of red wine, Rhone valley wines.

When younger I was always making cakes/pastries with my grandmother and that’s where I got interested in doing it. I then went into apprenticeship for few years in France and decided to come to London at later stage.

You have a delicious afternoon tea menu which changes throughout the year. Where do you get your ideas from?

Seasonal flavour, always trying to give an extra touch or something different to have it unusual. It can relate to both the English tradition and my French background

Can you describe a typical working day?

Arriving to work and checking reservation, orders, organising the team and see the challenges for the day; meetings, checking email and focus of new creation for the different outlets of the hotel.

Who are your culinary heroes? Who inspires you?

I like Guy Savoy, as his cuisine is so nice and flavourful, it is different than what we do here, but his style of dishes is nice. Pierre Herme is for me one of the best pastry chef and has a wide range of flavour and items.

What advice would you give to anyone wishing to enter the business and train as a chef/pastry chef.

To be focused, have a big commitment to it as it is challenging when younger, listen, learn and do; do mistakes and learn from it.

When you’re not working hard at the Corinthia, and if time travel were possible and money was no object, describe how you would spend your perfect day.

In Pokara, Nepal! With family; We went there on holiday and it is very relaxing, the nature, amazing scenery, amazing people, & food, my two girls will have to see that one day.

Why not treat yourself to afternoon tea at Corinthia Hotel . . .