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Step Back in Time: Luxury Travel on the Belmond British Pullman

When it comes to train travel, there’s something undeniably romantic about the idea of stepping back in time to the Golden Era of the 1920s. The Belmond British Pullman, with its beautifully restored carriages, offers a captivating journey that lets you relive the opulence and sophistication of that bygone age.

The Epitome of Luxury Travel: The Belmond British Pullman is not just a train; it’s a time machine that transports you to an era where travel was synonymous with luxury and glamour. As you step on board, you’ll be greeted by sumptuous interiors adorned with exquisite details. The opulent décor, plush furnishings, and polished wood panels recreate the elegance of the 1920s. It’s a place where every element is designed to evoke nostalgia and luxury.Luxury interior british pullman train carriage. Luxury offers for a day to remember.But it’s not just about aesthetics; it’s also about impeccable service. The staff on the Belmond British Pullman provide a level of service that harks back to a time when the customer was truly king, making the journey itself an experience to savour. Offering a warm welcome they provide that attention to detail ensuring that your every need is met.Luxury Railroad Trips: One of the most enchanting aspects of the Belmond British Pullman is the selection of exclusive routes it offers. Each journey is a curated experience, and every route has its unique charm and character. Whether you’re traveling through the rolling hills of the English countryside or passing by historic landmarks, the views from the train are nothing short of breathtaking.The allure of slow travel is evident on these luxury train trips. You’re not just getting from point A to B; you’re immersing yourself in the journey, appreciating the landscapes and the fleeting glimpses of a world outside your window. It’s a reminder that sometimes the journey is just as important as the destination.British pullman train luxury travel. Offers and discount code for a great day out.Fine Dining Experience: A gourmet dining experience is a highlight of luxury travel on the Belmond British Pullman. World-class chefs create stunning menus, crafted from the best of local ingredients, reflecting the best of each season’s natural larder.

Lunch and Afternoon Tea: For those who appreciate the finer things in life, a journey on the Belmond British Pullman offers the opportunity to indulge in two timeless traditions: lunch and afternoon tea. Lunch is a lavish affair, complete with silver service that adds an extra layer of sophistication to your meal. It’s a chance to relish gourmet dishes while surrounded by the elegance of the train’s interior.

Belmond trains british pullman dining carriage. Special Pullman offers for fine dining and a luxury day out.

And then there’s afternoon tea—a quintessentially British ritual that takes on a new level of charm when enjoyed on board. The Belmond British Pullman does justice to this tradition, serving a delightful array of sandwiches, scones, and pastries, all accompanied by a choice of teas or perhaps a glass of champagne. It’s a tea-time experience that encapsulates the essence of luxury.

The Nostalgia Factor: What truly sets the Belmond British Pullman apart is its ability to capture the nostalgia of the 1920s. From the vintage details that adorn the carriages to the live entertainment provided by jazz bands and magicians, every moment on board is a journey back in time. Passengers often embrace the vintage atmosphere by dressing the part, adding an extra layer of authenticity to the experience.

Belmond trains british pullman day trip special offer discount code.

In a world that often rushes past us, the Belmond British Pullman invites you to slow down, savour the moment, and appreciate the elegance of a bygone era. Whether it’s a day trip, a weekend escape, or a special celebration, a journey on the Belmond British Pullman is an unforgettable experience that combines history, luxury, and a touch of magic on the rails.Take a step back in time and let the Belmond British Pullman transport you to a world of timeless elegance and sophistication. Enjoy a journey you won’t forget, and a reminder that the golden age of travel is alive and well on these beautifully restored carriages.

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Golden Age of Travel on Belmond British Pullman for Two

Luxury interior british pullman offers - dining carriage for a memorable day out.

Enjoy a five-hour round trip from London Victoria across the English countryside on the George Mortimer British Pullman. This luxury rail journey includes a glass of champagne on arrival, five-course lunch and a half bottle of wine each with your meal.


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Murder Mystery Lunch on Belmond British Pullman for Two

A luxury welcome awaits you on a British Pullman luxury train day trip - exclusive discount code. Special offer.

Indulge in a nostalgic mystery that would make Agatha Christie proud as you step aboard the Belmond British Pullman. As your pullman train departs London Victoria and then rolls through the picturesque Kent countryside solve vital clues to crack the crime. This wonderful train experience includes a glass of champagne on arrival, five-course lunch and a half bottle of wine each with your meal.


£970 for TWO
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Best of Britain Day Excursion on Belmond British Pullman for Two

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Surely the ultimate day out. This fabulous day trip (allow 10 hours) includes scheduled destinations to Chatsworth House, Longleat, historic Bath, Sandringham, Cambridge & Ely and Worcester, departing from London Victoria. Each trip includes a guided tour or admission to the venues on arrival. Enjoy Bellini brunch on your outbound journey and then dinner with Champagne and wine on your return journey.


£1120 for TWO
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Afternoon Tea on the Northern Belle

Belmont Northern Belle Luxury Afternoon Tea

This indulgent afternoon tea experience is available at 15 locations across England. Enjoy a four hour round trip as you feast on a decadent afternoon tea serenaded to the sound of strolling musicians and a table magician to entertain you. Start your journey with a glass of fizz and then sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful English countryside. We’ll drink to that.


£590 for TWO
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Belmond British Pullman Dress Code

Dress code is smart casual. However, jeans and/or trainers are not allowed. If ever there is an excuse to get dressed up, this is it. Go for it. (We’d love to see your photos).

Wishing you a fabulous day out.

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