Introducing Girls Afternoon Tea

There’s nothing that can be more treasured in our lives than friends and family. Too often, however, we get caught up in our daily routines and are guilty of not setting aside time for ourselves or for picking up the phone to chat to or arrange a date to catch up with friends.

Whether we are 28, 48 or 78 we can’t beat a good natter with our girlfriends. If we can do this in sumptuous surroundings, surrounded by delicious delicacies and attentive staff then even better. Afternoon tea provides the perfect opportunity to sit back, relax and enjoy spending time with friends. Whether you work full-time, part-time, are a stay at home mum or retired (you’ve earned it), we all deserve a little treat and the chance to indulge ourselves from time to time.

Girls Afternoon Tea provides a tantalising hub of all the finest afternoon tea venues throughout the UK. From London to Glasgow and further afield, there is an eclectic mix of luxurious decadence, contemporary chic and vintage warmth. We make no excuses. This website is all about spoiling ourselves or even better, perhaps bringing a smile to the face of someone who deserves a little treat.

In addition to bringing you the finest afternoon tea venues, we hope to entertain, inspire and amuse you with our regular blogs which will feature afternoon tea recipes, reviews, competitions, giveaways and anything else we can throw into the mix that will bring some enjoyable escapism and non-guilty pleasure into our lives.

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A very warm welcome from Girls Afternoon Tea.