Paradise Garden – Sweet Lychee, Golden Grapefruit, Rose Cocktail

Indulge with a delicious cocktail shared by our friends at Qavali, Birmingham.
Do you wonder why Persian culture is often compared to the grace of heaven, utopia – or something that is simply like experiencing paradise on earth? Then seek no further than the etymological history of the word ‘paradise’ itself.
It is cited that the Iranian root word for ‘paradise’ (paridaeza) originally meant ‘walled garden’. In Persian literature, this is frequently described as something that makes harmony between nature and human art and creation. Even Persian writers and poets have used the notion of paradise as euphemisms of love, growth (and all things beautiful), over the centuries.
Some of Qavali’s deep-seated philosophies state that the idea of the ‘walled garden’ begins in one’s mind. Where good thoughts, ideas and intentions inherently blossom. This is in light of the inspiration we take from ancient Persian influencers, as well as the teachings of Sufism.
Paradise Garden is a heavenly concoction of some of the most fragrant and fruity ingredients. We take lychee, golden grapefruit and rosewater – and invite you to water the garden of your mind.
25 ml fresh pink grapefruit juice
15 ml ODK lemon
50ml Funkin lychee puree
3 dashes rose water
15 ml elderflower cordial
1 dash Miraculous foamer
One sip of this stunning rose-garnished beverage; and the heavens will open at last! Combine this with a stunning afternoon tea and you have the perfect ingredients for a great dining experience.
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