Japanese Afternoon Tea London at the Courthouse Hotel

This Japanese afternoon tea in London is taking the capital by storm. Offering a tasty alternative to a traditional afternoon tea, this Japanese bento box feast at Silk restaurant in the 5* Courthouse Hotel in London is certainly a most different afternoon tea. Enjoy this fabulous Japanese afternoon tea for two that lets you sample flavours from the Far East with a wide selection of sweet and savoury Japanese treats, teas and a glass of plum wine each.

Japanese Afternoon Tea London at the Courthouse Hotel

Japanese Afternoon Tea in Silk Restaurant, London.

This flamboyant Japanese afternoon tea is served in the stunning surrounds of Silk Restaurant, an elegant dining room in the Courthouse Hotel. Boasting a colourful history this beautiful dining room is lit by a breathtaking glass vaulted ceiling and features English oak panelling. This former courthouse still retains the original judge’s bench, dock and witness stand. Famous names who have once stood trial include Oscar Wilde, Mick Jagger and John Lennon.

Japanese Afternoon Tea at the Courthouse Hotel, London

Japanese Afternoon Tea Menu

This taste bursting Japanese afternoon tea menu changes throughout the year to reflect the season’s freshest ingredients. Your exotic afternoon tea may include Eastern delights such as:

Crumb fried chicken supreme
Broccoli florets fried in butter
Rice cake with Azuki beans filling
Creamy green tea infused with mousse
Hearty and flavourful dumpling
Inside out sushi roll with smoked salmon & avocado
Large sushi roll filled with cucumber

The History of the Japanese Tea Ceremony

Japanese tea drinking dates back over 1000 years. Originally consumed by priests and noblemen as a form of medicine circa 710-794, tea drinking had already been through a transformation from medicinal purposes to a recreational drink in China towards the end of the Tang dynasty. It wasn’t until the 9th century when it was introduced to the country as a recreational drink by a Buddhist monk, Eichu, on his return from China. The Japanese tea ceremony has a spiritual theme and is intended to purify the soul, bringinging harmony and balance in addition to promote good health – something which is being explored today with modern research investigating the properties of green tea.

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This Japanese afternoon tea certainly offers a new twist on a British dining experience. Conveniently located in central London, if you are looking for a different afternoon tea, this certainly fits the bill. Our delicious afternoon tea deal is available through our partners at Virgin Experience. To find out more or book afternoon tea, simply select the Book Now button.